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  • To access to your account settings and other related common setting services such as:

    • My Account
    • a) My Business
    • b) My Profile
    • c) Security Setting
    • d) Email Setting
    • e) Email Log
    • Lodgment Settings
    • f) M2M Credentials
    • g) ATO Software Nomination
    • h) Rollover
    • i) Setup Intuit SSO
    • My Subscription
    • j) Subscription Details
    • k) Top Up Credits
    • l) GovReports Store
    • m) Invoices & Receipts
    • n) Transaction History
    • o) Recurring Payment Details
    • p) Referral Invitation
    • Practice Settings
    • q) Document Management Setting
    • r) Billing Setting
    • s) Invoice Setting
    • t) Notification Setting
    • u) Checklist Setting
    a. My Business
    My Business setting here is for easy access to update changes to your business structure over time.
    To make changes, click on Edit icon and change or update details where applicable.

    b. My Profile
    Change your account status, contact & professional membership details, usernames and or password.

    c. Security Setting
    Add Google Cloud Authenticator to your login option.

    d. Email Setting
    Configure your own emails on GovReports to send reports via emails or digital signature.

    Customise Outgoing email from GovReports:
    Users can set up their own email to send documents or reports generated from GovReports for digital signature or as email. Depending on the users’ email service providers, setting up process can be different. If you are unsure about your outgoing email setting, contact our friendly support team.

    Gmail requires additional settings to send emails from external tools or applications like GovReports.
    1. 1. Use current password with 2 factor authentication disabled for less secure app

    2. 2. Create an Application password and update (Recommended)
    How to Create App password?
    • Click on the following link (
    • Login to your Gmail account selected as the preferred outgoing email in (Note: App password settings will be listed only when 2FA is activated.)
    • Select app as “Others”, enter name as “GovReports” and click on Generate
    • Copy 16 digits app password and paste in GovReports email setting password box

    Microsoft Office 365:

    Microsoft Office requires additional settings to send emails from external tools or applications like GovReports,
    1. 1. Use current password with 2 factor authentication to be disabled

    2. 2. Create an App password and update (Recommended for security)
    How to Create App password?

    e. Email Log
    Change your account status, contact & professional membership details, usernames and or password.

    f. M2M Credentials

    Machine credentials allow digital service providers (DSP), businesses and tax professionals to interact with ATO online services through their Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabled software. A machine credential – equivalent to a Device AUSkey credential. It is mainly used for lodging OSR forms.

    To maintain the M2M credentials, go to Settings -> Lodgment Settings

    Select M2M Credentials

    Upload the file and enter the credentials. For more details on how to upload, click on "Help" on the top right corner.

    Update M2M credentials: If M2M credential is expired, you an update it by clicking on "Update"

    g. ATO Software Nomination
    ATO Software Nomination is required when you registered and want to use GovReports to prepare and submit compliance and regulatory reports to ATO.

    h. Rollover
    View Tax Return Rollover details.

    i. Set Up Intuit SSO
    Want quick access to your Intuit Client Accounts.

    j. Subscription Details
    Details of your subscription and purchases.

    k. Top Up Credits
    To Top up your account with credits.

    l. GovReports Store
    View, change and or add GovReports service options.

    m. Invoices & Receipts
    View current invoices and billing history.

    n. Transaction History
    View lodgement transactions and history.

    o. Recurring Payment Details
    Change credit card details.

    p. Referral Invitation
    View your referral status.

    q. Document Management Setting
    Configure your GovReports account with Dropbox or Google Drive.

    r. Billing Setting
    Customise your billing information and hourly payment rate.

    s. Invoice Setting
    Customise the invoice appearance you send to customers.

    t. Notification Setting
    Pick and choose what you want to be notified of from your GovReports Office Practice Management account.

    u. Checklist Setting
    Custom client checklist with new client acceptance checklist.

  1. Rewards from GovReports:
    For all of you making lodgments via GovReports, we would like to honor your efforts.

    For your 1st lodgment, a credit of $5 will be made available to you. The reward will be in Pending status. You can share the news via any of your Social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and get that reward added in your account in the form of credits. After which, the reward status will become “Rewarded”. You can use those credits for any of your future subscriptions in GovReports.

    Similarly for the 2nd lodgment, the $5 credit will be available and added to your credits if you share it in the Social media. In case, if you didn’t share the news for your first lodgment reward, it expires when the next reward arrives.

    You can see your “Rewards” and status under Settings -> My Subscription. The screenshot below is the Rewards menu after you share in social media.

    In case, if you didn’t share the news for your second lodgment reward, it expires when the next reward arrives.

    For each quarter of the Financial Year, there is a special $5 reward for the 100th lodgment you make in that particular quarter. To avail the reward, please share it in the social media and get the reward added into your credits.

    You can share your accomplishment of 1000th lodgment in Social media. The system will keep a track of your lodgment counts and notify you of the 1000th lodgment with a direct link to share in the Social Media.

    You will get a reward of $20 for your 3000th lodgment, avail this reward by spreading the news in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The reward will be in Pending status. Once shared, the reward will be added to your credits and you will see the status as “Rewarded”

    Please remember to share the news as soon as you receive the reward as the reward will expire when you receive a new reward. This means that they previous reward will become voided and cannot be clubbed with the current reward.Also, the rewards are calculated based on the number of lodgments you make from your account in total irrespective of the number of businesses/ clients or authorized users in your account. In simple terms, the culminated number of lodgments are counted for these rewards.

    The rewards are not cashable or transferable. We are proud of your accomplishment and thank you for making us a part of it.

Reports Settings
  1. As a Tax Agent or BAS Agent, if you want your client(s) to be updated about the lodgments you make for them, you can configure to send the lodgment receipts as and when you make the lodgment.

    You can set it under Settings -> Lodgment Settings and configure the client(s) to whom you wish to send the lodgment receipt.

    Please note that the lodgment receipt can be sent to your client(s) automatically only if you have your Practice Email settings enabled in GovReports

    After you log-in to GovReports, click on "Settings" on the top right corner and select "Lodgment Settings"

    Select "Reports Settings"

    In the "Reports Settings" screen, tick the box next to "Send lodgment receipt to client". This will enable the connectivity between your Practice Email address and the Email address of your client(s).

    Only when it is ticked, this functionality can be used and the options following next will be enabled.

    To set-up the clients to whom you wish to send the lodgment receipts, click on "Client Configuration".

    You can select the client(s) to send the lodgment receipts. The clients can be excluded or included to send the receipts based on your preference.

    Please note that only if you have added the clients' email address in your GovReports account, you can send the lodgment receipts via Email. To add the client email address, go to Clients -> Open the client -> Click on "Edit" on the top right corner and add the email address of your client in the Contact details section.

    There is a "Search" option available on the top which can be used to search for a client name.

    You can navigate between the pages to select the client by merely ticking on the checkbox. You can also choose the number of items to be displayed per page, by appropriately selecting the option in "Items per page".

    You can filter "Assigned" vs "Unassigned" or "All" clients. Assigned clients are the clients who are included in the mailing list to send the lodgment receipts. Unassigned clients are those clients who are excluded from sending the lodgment receipts.

    You can tick the clients and click on "Assign All" to move those clients to the Assigned List.

    You can also click on "Unassign All" to move the selected clients to the Unassigned List.

    Tick the client(s) you wish to add in the report sending list and click on "Assign All". These clients will be automatically sent an email from your Practice Email address whenever a lodgment is made successfully.

    The Subject line has the default format with the "Report name" followed by Lodgment Confirmation Receipt. For example, if an Activity Statement report has been lodged for a client, the Subject line is set to "Activity Statement" (01/07/2019-30/06/2019) Lodgment Confirmation Receipt. You can change the Subject line if you wish.

    The body of the email is also set by default.

    You can make any required corrections on the format by directly editing the default contents provided. Formatting can be done with the different types of heading styles from the drop-down and the following formatting options:
    • Bold
    • Italic
    • Underline
    • Left alignment
    • Centre alignment
    • Right alignment
    • Justified alignment
    • Bulleted list
    • Numbered list
    • Create table

    There is a range of "Placeholders" specific to Client details, Practice details and Report details. You can insert any Placeholder(s) wherever required in the Subject line or Body of the email by placing the cursor at the required position. Please note that the client details and the Practice details are taken from the information you have provided when adding a client and creating your Practice account. Report details are from GovReports repository.

    • Client Name: The display name of the client or individual. Ex: Randall Trading Services Pty Ltd.
    • Client Contact Name: The first and Last name of the client or individual. Ex. Oprah
    • Client Email: The client's Email address you have added in GovReports. Ex.
    • Client Phone Number: The Phone number of the client. Ex: (04) 4525-6585
    • Client Address: The business/residential address of the client. Ex: 80 Sydney Port Access Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 6S9.
    • Client Postal Address: The client's postal address. Can be either same as client address above or a different one
    • Client ABN: The ABN of the client
    • Client TFN: The TFN of the client
    • Client WPN: The WPN of the client

    • Practice Name: The Practice Organisation Name. Ex: Alex Bookkeeping Services.
    • Practice Contact Name:The first and the last name of the Practice or individual. Ex. Linda
    • Practice Email: The Practice's Email address you have added in GovReports. Ex.
    • Practice Phone Number: The Phone number of the Practice. Ex: (04) 4525-6585
    • Practice Address: The address of the Practice. Ex: 80 Sydney Port Access Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 6S9.
    • Practice Logo: The Practice logo added, if any
    • Practice ABN: The ABN of the Practice
    • Practice Salutation: Ex: M/s
    • Practice Agent Number: The BAS or Tax Agent number

    • Report Name: The name of the report lodged. Ex: Activity Statements
    • Reporting Start Date: The start date of the report. Ex: 01/10/2019
    • Reporting Start Date: The end date of the report. Ex: 31/12/2019
    • Reporting Financial Year: The Financial Year to which the report belongs to. Ex: 2020
    • Reporting Period: The reporting period of the report. Ex: October 2019 to December 2019

    After making the required edits, if you want to switch back to the default format, you can click on "Reset"

    The changes made will be reset to the original format

    The receipt sent as an email will have your signature at the end. The default signature is provided. If you wish to edit your signature appended at the end of your email, click on "Edit Signature"

    The Edit Signature window opens with the default signature contents. You can appropriately format it with the formatting options given.

    After making the required changes, click on "Submit". The signature will be saved and will be used whenever the email is sent to the client.

    After making the overall changes, select "Save Changes".

    If you wish to preview the email, click on "Save & Preview".

    The preview will be generated. By default, the preview shows the first client details and Activity Statement.

    You can also enable this functionality while adding the client in the "Add client" screen. My Clients -> New

    Tick the checkbox next to "Enable Send Lodgment Receipt" to add the new client into the mailing list to send lodgment receipts

    Thus, the Reports Settings can be done to send the lodgment receipts to the configured client(s).
Hide TFN in PDF reports:
  1. “Hide TFN in PDF reports” setting enables hiding TFN in the PDF reports generated from GovReports.TFN will be masked and part of the number will be shown on PDF reports. TFN belongs to individuals, sole traders, beneficiaries, partners, trusts, entities etc.. will be hidden

    This setting involves changes to PDF reports only, whereas reports submitted from GovReports to respective government agencies include the TFN in their lodgments.

    It is common settings for all clients and all forms including Single Touch Payroll,PAYG Payment Summary Annual Report, Tax File Number Declaration,Individual tax return, Company tax return, Trust tax return, Partnership tax return, Self Managed Superannuation Annual Return and Fringe Benefit Tax Return.

    Areas that TFN will be hidden:

    • All PDF reports generated within GovReports
    • PDF reports generated and send for signature through Digital Signature
    • Emailing PDF report from GovReports
    • Sending lodgments receipts to clients through email

    To enable, Go to Settings and select Lodgement Settings.

    Click Report Settings and select “Hide TFN in Reports” from the left side menu

    Tick the box to enable the settings and click Save Changes.

My Subscription
  1. Cancellation

    We are sorry you are leaving, but here’s how to cancel your GovReports subscription and some other options you might also want to consider.
    • A guide to GovReports’ cancellation policy
    • How to cancel a paid GovReports subscription?
    • Cancelling a GovReports trial subscription
    • Cancelling a free IAM account for agents
    • Retrieving a cancelled account
    • How to change your current subscription plan
    • How to downgrade a subscription

    A Guide to cancellation of subscription account with GovReports

    GovReports allows free trial users to stop using the service at any time, and paid users to cancel their paid plans at any time, with such cancellation taking effect at the next renewal date.

    If you cancel your plan before the next renewal cycle, you will retain access to paid features and services until the end of your subscription period. When your subscription expires with cancellation request set in from the system or without renewal payment, you will lose access to paid features and services including account data and lodgement records.

    We recommend for you to take copies of lodgements and any other records prior to account expiry and cancellation. After expiry and cancellation of account, if you require access to any records or lodgement data, you will need to subscribe to a GovReports paid plan with the same username to gain access within the 365 days for previously paid plan and 90 days for free trial users from previous account expiry date. Beyond the grace period post account last expiry date, all data and lodgement records will be removed and permanently deleted and will no longer be retrievable.

    Your ability to downgrade, adjust or cancel your GovReports subscription is subject to our Terms and Conditions which can be found on our website and is the same as the terms of services on any purchases or sign ups.

    How to cancel a paid GovReports subscription

    An account administrator or billing owner can make billing changes including an upgrade, downgrade or cancel of subscription on the account at any time.

    It's easy to cancel your subscription. To cancel a paid subscription plan, login to your GovReports account you wish to cancel, go to Settings select My Subscription Subscription Details Select Cancel Subscription.

    From Subscription Details, select Cancel Subscription

    Cancelling a free IAM account for agents

    If your clients are registered to use STP Reporting or Business Ledger either paid at wholesale rate by you as a BAS or tax agent or paid at retail rate by the clients directly, you will have free access to IAM as an agent to review, manage and lodge their compliance reports during the subscription period.

    If the client’s IAM account is paid by you as the agent, upon expiry and cancellation, your account will also automatically cancel. During the term of the subscription, your client cannot choose to switch to another agent on their account until after expiry or cancellation.

    To cancel your subscription, from My Account, go to Settings My Subscription Subscription Details Cancel Subscription

    From Subscription Details, select Cancel Subscription

    If the client’s IAM account is paid by the client and you were invited to join GovReports to review, manage and lodge their compliance reports on their behalf for free, and you no longer provide compliance services to the client, you may want to request for the client to remove you as the BAS or tax agent from their subscription access which will automatically cancel your free account. Account ownership remains with billing owner and hence all data and lodgement records.

    Retrieving a cancelled account

    Account data and or any lodgement records of cancelled accounts can be retrieved within the allowed period of up to 365 days for paid plans and 90 days for free trial plans from the date of expiry.
    To retrieve your expired account and access previously entered data and or lodgement records, or to restart your GovReports services, you will need to subscribe to a retail GovReports service plan of similar offered service

    Click Retrieve, where you can get back access to all features in your account.

    When you login after expiry, you will be redirected to My Subscription page go to GovReports Store and select the package of similar offered service and proceed to check out.

    How to change your current subscription plan

    If you are looking to expand your services with additional forms and or features or downgrade simply just to use a more commonly used forms such as Activity Statements and or STP, there are several options for you to consider including:
    • Upgrade for a more comprehensive and unlimited lodgement package - talk to a GovReports team member for your specific requirement.
    • Downgrade to a lesser plan or an On Demand service package - you can downgrade at any time to a lesser plan or an On Demand service package. If you choose to downgrade, the downgrade will take effect at the end of your subscription period.
    • If you are looking for a simple and easy to use STP Payroll solution for your clients - STP Reporting can be added to your current GovReports subscription account with client by client’s STP lodgement requirement, which can be used by client or you as their preferred agent to prepare and lodge STP directly to ATO. STP Reporting is an additional charge of $69.30 per ABN client per year with lodgements included via the agent’s account and is a standalone application.
    • If you are looking for an accounting package or full ledger for a client to manage their books, accounting and or payroll, then Business ledger can be added to your current GovReports account. Service package is an additional cost of $104 per year per ABN client and is a standalone application.
    • As a stand alone and multi tenanted application, both STP Reporting and Business Ledger have a single logon set up for BAS and or Tax agents to manage, prepare and lodge compliance reports clients.

    If you believe that you or your team is unsure on how to make the most out of your paid features, take advantage of the free training that we offer to our users. Click Contact us with your request for training.

    You can find more about plan options and pricing from our website or simply just get in touch with a GovReports team member, we will be happy to assist.

    Without having to cancel your subscription, you have other options that can get you the power, control, and flexibility you need to prepare, manage and lodge compliance reports for and on behalf of your clients directly to ATO and more.

    How to downgrade a subscription

    You can at any time choose to downgrade to an On Demand service subscription with pay per lodgement fee or a free subscription with clients on STP Reporting or Business ledger.

    If you choose to downgrade, the downgrade will take effect at the end of your subscription period.

    To downgrade, go to Settings My Subscription Recurring Payment Details switch off the auto renew and after the expiry of subscription, select the package you wish to subscribe and proceed to check out.

    If you choose to terminate your paid or free trial subscription and switch over to a free subscription with clients to continue on with STP Reporting or Business Ledger, you and or your team will lose access to all paid premium service features on GovReports including digital signatures, practice management tools, ATO forms lodgements, services and more.